The steps for growing courgettes can also be applied to summer squashes and marrows depending on your preference. Once a courgette has reached a good size for eating, cut it off the plant with a knife. UK data on courgette-related poisonings is sparse. Courgette plants have male and female flowers on the same plant and insects will generally carry pollen from one to the other at which point the female flower starts to become a fruit. Tip: Courgette flowers are very tasty in their own right dipped in batter and fried, so you can alternate between harvesting the vegetables and the flowers. Dovefromabove Central Norfolk UK Posts: 64,774. You can harvest courgettes as soon as they have the right size. New Zealand is heading into peak harvest season and there aren't enough workers to get fruit off trees or vegetables from the ground. You can if you wish let the courgettes grow on to marrow size but this will take a lot of energy from the plant thus stopping the growth of new fruits. Sometimes the courgette’s prolific nature can almost develop into a negative … Growing Courgettes and Why They’re a Beginner’s Dream Read More » Grow Organic Zucchini Plants Organic Gardening Plant Problems Garden Pests Plants Organic Gardening Tips Growing Vegetables Growing Organic Tomatoes. The most important thing to do is make sure you pick the fruits regularly. Courgette fruits are at their best when they are around 10cm (4"). Courgettes are epic fruiters, and easy to grow, once the fruit gets going they seem to double in size every day and as general rule they are best pick when 4-8in in length, or if round type slightly larger than a cricket ball. Regularly harvesting courgettes will ensure the plant keeps on producing. They are extremely fast – from sowing you can be eating your own within six weeks – and just two or three plants should be enough to keep you going right through the summer. More growing how-tos: How to grow cucumbers To keep plants productive you need to harvest courgettes about three times a week at the height of the season. Harvested before it fully matures, courgettes are used in spiced or salted dishes since they do not have much flavour by their own. Use a knife to shear the fruit when picking zucchini flowers and eat Courgettes fresh or stored for a few days. Also, there's some evidence that twisting off the fruit can lead to root damage to the plant. Harvest all summer long. Thoroughly check over each plant at least three times a week and cut off the courgettes using a sharp knife. In some areas, you might find courgettes spelled or pronounced as "gojet". Harvesting. Courgettes are one of the easiest and most productive crops you can grow yourself. Harvest all courgettes, squash and marrow fruits before the first frosts. Alternatively slice and lightly pan-fry in butter or olive oil until tender. Quick info on growing courgettes yourself: Courgette seeds are large and easy to work with. Back to A-Z growing page. Regular picking when they are small ensures a long cropping period over several months. long. Once they get beyond this they become a marrow. 0. It is best to pick the courgettes when they are still a bit small, the taste will be much better and the plant will have enough energy to grow new courgettes. Growing courgettes successfully is both the easiest and hardest thing to get right. Others even tell of accidentally poisoning dinner party guests by feeding them courgettes from the garden. The courgettes start appearing as early as June. Growing Courgettes. Some cultivars have fruit that is still edible at up to a foot (30 cm.) Research shows that the more varied Britons' diet, the greater the health benefits, as your body needs a wide range of different food groups, vitamins and minerals to function optimally. When to harvest courgettes. Plants sown early in April could be ready to harvest from as early as June depending on weather and growing conditions, but late July and August provide the best picking opportunities. Production does slow once you leave the plant to produce a marrow. Harvesting. Courgettes and mini squash should be washed and trimmed before cooking. And, if you have a polytunnel, the harvest can begin as much as a month earlier than outside and keep going well into November. See more ideas about growing courgettes, courgette, growing. So you’re not overcome with courgette at once, we recommend stagger planting so that you have a continuous harvest. A single plant likes to spread out, and will produce three to four courgettes at a time. They produce large crops, so one or two plants is all that's needed to feed even the largest family. Once the male flowers open and release their pollen, they fall off. When harvesting courgettes you should pick them when they are around 10cm (4in). Discover everything you need to know about growing courgettes in our handy guide. June 2017 . Growing all this veg is quite easy - the difficult bit is knowing what to do with it all - there's only me and the dog! They are prolific croppers and are suitable for growing in containers. Sign up to our newsletter Newsletter (Image credit: Amazon) By Anna Cottrell 2020-06-27T09:30:00Z. Courgettes are one of the cucurbits which also include: marrows, squash and cucumbers and are grown in the same way. The Courgette. Courgette plants grow quite large and take over the space they’ve got available to them. Always with courgettes, of course I’m sure you know, you don’t just eat one of the parts of the plant, so you definitely want to harvest the flowers as well as the actual courgettes themselves, and I just want to explain the difference between the male and the female flower, I’m sure it’s really obvious to lots of you but I get asked this a lot.