You can check a car seat, at no additional cost. The U.S. Department of … Collect your bags and leave the terminal building as soon as possible. Here are two layout variations of the AirBus 330-200; one plane can accommodate four bassinets, and the other accommodates only 3. Lap children and children in car seats cannot occupy an exit row, nor can they sit directly in front of or behind an exit row. Aer Lingus is on track to become part of the expansive tie up between American Airlines, British Airways and others covering flights over the North Atlantic.. In situations where one adult is responsible for two infants, one must be over six months old (because under six months must be a lap infant) and in a car seat with its own seat. I received no compensation for this review. At Aer Lingus, we don’t serve “airline food.” Our cuisine is fresh, locally sourced, … United Airlines flyers can also earn Aer Lingus Avios … This route from Dublin (DUB) to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PHL), is available in business class for 50,000 Avios (60,00… (If you purchase a seat for your baby or toddler you will not be able to book the bassinette seat). After you book your flight you’ll have to call Aer Lingus and request the bassinette seat, or else they’ll assign you regular seats. Once your child reaches a certain weight and length s/he won’t be permitted to sit or sleep in the bassinette (although you can still book it), but it’s handy to have as it provides you more space to put your things. The Aer Lingus interview is a great opportunity for recruiters to find out whether you are suitable for the role as a pilot. Alternatively, you can add an infant to an existing booking that was made before the child’s birth. Direct point transfers from Chase Ultimate Rewards to AerClub make it easy to earn Avios. According to the Aer Lingus website, “they require this clearance up to the age of 6 months, plus the number of days that they were born prematurely.”. Taxes are significantly lower than what you might find for similar routes on British Airways, especially when taking into account the high Airport Passenger Duty payable by passengers departing from most U.K. airports. I found having a car seat helpful as my son is used to sleeping in a car seat (as opposed to a plane seat). Occasionally, the stroller will not be at the gate in Dublin, in which case you’ll pick it up from oversized baggage, near baggage claim. Staff are allowed to have a maximum of 1 free bag at 20kg check-in … … Yes, you can fly Aer Lingus while pregnant, subject to the following rules (these rules apply to transatlantic flights): Yes. I have a flight booked in July with Aer Lingus and I have already decided that if it’s cancelled I will want a refund, but I got an email the other day telling me I can change my dates without paying an administration charge only a fare difference. Aer Lingus cautions that they cannot perform name changes to codeshare or inter-airline tickets. Before embarking on a transatlantic flight while pregnant, you should always check with your doctor, midwife, or OBGYN. You can bring one collapsible stroller per infant or child. Check here for the most up to date pregnancy policies. There are certain things you can do on your journey to reduce contact and support physical distancing. The information below focuses on Aer Lingus’ international flights, to and from Ireland and the United States. In case of emergency, they don’t want people having to climb over a car seat. There is no minimum age to fly; however, Aer Lingus recommends that you clear travel for infants under two weeks old. You should book the child as Baby (for the first name) and use the baby’s intended surname. Before my son turned two, I flew with him on five round trip flights on Aer Lingus, and he always flew as a lap infant. Travel Checklist; Travel Checklist; Before your flight: Make sure you're well enough to travel. Below is an overview of Aer Lingus’ infant, toddler, child, and pregnancy policies. country-specific travel requirements and restrictions. Aer Lingus has welcomed the revisions by Ireland's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to the COVID-19 testing regime, which will reduce restrictions for passengers traveling from … Click here to learn more about me! Book directly with us and save. Fly from the USA to Ireland, Britain and Europe with us as well as find hotels and more. Bring your debit or credit cards as we've moved exclusively to contactless payments for in-flight shopping. See below for in which seats you’re permitted to install a car seat. European car seats must bear the CE sticker. I am traveling with an under 1 year old, there are literally no seats safe for her that face forward, yet all of the European airlines say the seat has to face forward. These cookies are necessary for the website to function and cannot be switched off in our systems. If you have purchased a seat, you can bring your car seat onboard the aircraft. They are usually only set in response to actions made by you which amount to a request for services, such … In fact, the taxes payable are generally far lower than what you would see on … If you are flying by yourself the seat beside you will likely be empty, and you can use that for your kid. Flight Change Policy of Aer Lingus . This is an honest review of flying Aer Lingus with a baby or toddler, based on my real-life experiences. Aer Lingus will base up to four planes at Manchester Airport. Allow extra time for queuing and adhere to all social distancing measures. It also gives oyu the chance to find out more about what life would look like at Aer Lingus… A bit scary but also a great feeling. Would I recommend flying Aer Lingus with a baby or toddler? (This applies to children aged six months-three years old. You must purchase a seat for any child over two. An infant born three weeks or more prior to its due date is considered premature. If you are thinking of visiting Ireland with a baby or toddler, I would recommend checking out Aer Lingus to see if they fly from your airport. Check out to see the plane layout and location of the bassinet rows. After he turned two, we had to buy him a seat. It has changed over the years, but there was usually at least one thing in there that I could use. *This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase using these links. They are usually only set in response to actions made by you which amount to a request for services, such … Infants 0 – 5 months have to fly as lap infants. Don't forget to bring your mandatory face mask for your outbound and return journeys. Aer Lingus is the flagship carrier of Ireland and the second largest airline in the country behind Ryanair. Here is a prepared a set of handy instructions on how to enable Javascript. Several weeks ago I guessed that Aer Lingus’ destinations from Manchester … Aer Lingus is still seen to be Ireland's 'national carrier' (although Ryanair is a far larger airline these days). You must be 15 years old to occupy an exit row. If you’d like the bassinette seat, then you have to book your baby as a lap infant. We recommend that you check in all hand baggage and remember not to carry lithium batteries in your checked baggage. If you’d prefer to fly as a lap infant on the outbound flight and purchase a seat for the return flight you’ll have to book two one way tickets; the system will not allow you do book each leg differently. They will be assessed 10% of the adult fare on all transatlantic flights and €25 per leg on all European flights. If someone tells you that there is no baby or kid’s meal, kindly request that they ask a colleague or a supervisor and that typically solves the problem. on Flying Aer Lingus with a Baby or Toddler: Tips, Tricks, and Airline Rules, Two Days in Grand Rapids with Kids, A Weekend Getaway from Chicago or Detroit, A Family Guide to the Meijer Gardens with Kids, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Flying Aer Lingus with a Baby or Toddler: Tips, Tricks, and Airline Rules. Make your trip even easier and find out absolutely everything you need to know before you travel. Certainly not … Yes. Aer Lingus generally will only upgrade on a space available basis for Economy. If you’d like to use a car seat for a child over the age of three you must get special Irish Aviation Authority approval.) If you need assistance, you can ask one of the crew to help you board. Traveling with the Littles is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to I live to travel and since my son was born my husband and I have endeavored to continue traveling and to find ways to make traveling with a child less daunting. With the Smart, you get a 22lb carry-on and one 50lb checked-bag. Continue to wear your face covering throughout your flight and replace it after being worn for four hours. Make us an offer we can or can't refuse! You’ll have a ton more legroom than other seats, and even if your kiddo doesn’t sleep in the bassinet, you can use it to store your bags, toys, dinner, whatever. See above for a discussion on the pros and cons of each. flying internationally with a infant or toddler, check out this post. Once on the airplane, you must use your car seat forward-facing. So instead I get to carry her on my lap, and while flying is a lot safer than driving, if something happens, that is totally unsafe. From check in options to airport details to live flight information, you'll find it all here. Book Now This indicates a link to an external site that may not follow the same accessibility or privacy policies as Alaska … No. Use our travel checklist as a guide to keep you safe and well and help prepare for your journey. The benefit of flying with a lap infant is the cost savings. Besides the savings, the biggest benefit to flying as a lap infant is the bassinette seat. Aer Lingus and British Airways have always had a pretty close commercial relationship. As of writing, I have flown on Aer Lingus with my son on eight round trip flights, from when he was seven months to 3.5 years old. From 6-24 months you can choose, and from 24 months + you must purchase a seat for them. Cheap flights from USA to Europe . Gate checking the car seat, or if you’ve purchased a seat bringing it on the plane. As such, it still tries to carry a certain cachet, that includes fair quality service and aircraft. Access to airport terminals is limited to guests with a confirmed flight booking and airport staff. I am not a fan of regular checking car seats because of the potential for damage to the seat. There is no charge to change the first name to the child’s given name, once the baby is born. We have flown as a lap infant, in a regular seat, car seat, no car seat, infant meal, child meal, solo, with my husband, with my mother, I’ve tried it all. Aer Lingus provides a fantastic way to use Avios with lots of route options and, most importantly, low taxes. Use self-service kiosks to check in your bags. Ensure you have a sufficient supply of masks for all travel. One adult can be responsible for no more than two infants. Continue to wear your face covering until you leave your destination airport.

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