The ASUS ROG Strix Flare gaming keyboard is a great device for every gamer, especially for those who love lighting effects or are fans of the Republic of Gamers brand. Built-in audio output ports are included for gaming headsets. Check out ASUS ROG Strix Flare (Cherry MX Red) Aura Sync RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Switches, Customizable Badge, USB Pass Through and Media Controls reviews, ratings, … Die Handballenauflage wird in kleine Rillen auf der Unterseite der Tastatur eingehängt, damit die Strix Flare auch ohne sie gut aussieht. MORE INFO . Fire off complex multi-keystroke super-combo strikes or commands with a single key. Besuche die ASUS-Aura-Microsite, um mehr über Aura SDK zu lernen. Bis zu 40% schneller als Standard-Tasten. You can store up to 10 user profiles using onboard memory, and drag-and-drop various saved profiles via the Profile Management menu. Keyboard Interface: USB 2.0 Design Style: Gaming Palm Rest: Detachable Mechanical Keyboard: Yes Model #: 90MP00M0-B0UA00 Item #: N82E16823193038 Return Policy: Standard Return Policy $129.99 – Es ist an der Zeit, wie ein Profi zu spielen und sich von der Konkurrenz abzuheben. N-Key rollover (NKRO) and 100% anti-ghosting technologies ensure that each keystroke is registered — no matter how many keys are pressed! Assign keys for PC and mouse functions, media controls, internet, rapid-fire settings, keyboard macros, etc. Die ROG Strix Flare ist mit Cherry-MX-RGB-Schaltern ausgestattet und liefert das präzise mechanische Tastengefühl, das von Gamern und anspruchsvollen Nutzern bevorzugt wird. Wählen Sie … ASUS Aura RGB products that can also synchronize lighting with other Aura Sync products, including motherboards, graphics cards, monitors and peripherals. Du kannst sogar während des Spiels Hardware-Statistiken aufzeichnen, um die Daten anschließend auszuwerten. ASUS did a great job at making this keyboard look beautiful and friendly for gamers. It has a compact form factor, stylish design, excellent build quality, nice materials, sophisticated ergonomics, reliable and high-quality switches and LED lighting. Because it’s ASUS Aura-capable, Horus RGB offers more than 16 million colors to choose from, so you can fully customize lighting effects to match your unique gaming style. Es ist Deine Tastatur, also zeige Deinen Style! ASUS Cerberus Mech RGB mechanische Gaming-Tastatur 100% Anti-Ghosting RGB-Beleuchtung und vielen weiteren Features Jetzt mehr erfahren! Join The Republic with Exclusive ROG X Call of Duty®: Black Ops 4 Gaming Gear. Einleitung. Die schnellsten Cherry MX Tasten, leichtgängig und ohne Druckpunkt. The ASUS ROG STRIX FLARE is the best product of February, in our opinion. Gaming-Effekte, Benachrichtigungen und Audio-Ausgaben können mit Aura-kompatibler Hardware abgebildet werden, um die Action auf dem Bildschirm mit visuellen Signalen zu unterstreichen – von subtil bis spektakulär. Good performance, with plenty of customisable LEDs. Sie sind berühmt für ihren optimalen Druckpunkt und ihre schnelle Reaktionsfähigkeit bei jedem Tastendruck. Jetzt bei bestellen! leicht spürbaren Druckpunkt für ein überzeugendes Tippgefühl. Flare up your game with ROG Strix Flare – a mechanical gaming keyboard that's got everything you want and more. With this ROG Strix Flare from Asus, we have got a great keyboard. Das ASUS Aura SDK bietet Entwicklern die Möglichkeit, alle Vorteile der riesigen Vielfalt von Aura-Sync-fähiger PC-Hardware auszunutzen. Asus ROG Strix Flare is a gaming keyboard that should not disappoint anyone's expectations and it would be hard to find some flaws in it. As a high-end product with price which is about $ 4 million up to the present, the Asus ROG Strix Flare still has some outstanding and attractive elements to appeal to gaming community in general. It's also quite comfortable to type on. Individually-backlit keys with Aura Sync RGB LED technology for unlimited personalization options. Enjoy instant access to dedicated media keys on the upper left while gaming. The ROG Strix Flare is a mighty fine RGB mechanical keyboard that's perfect for gaming, typing and everything in between. Starte Dein Gaming-Feuerwerk mit der ROG Strix Flare – einer mechanischen Gaming-Tastatur, die alles hat, was Du willst – und noch mehr. ABetätigung / Betätigungskraft: 50g / 60g, Auslöseweg: 2,2mm bis zum Auslösepunkt, 4mm Gesamtweg. It looks great, has a number of famous and interesting elements, as well as a stunning RGB backlighting, which makes it easy to personalize the accessory and give it an individuality. Simple lighting control, Unique design, Aura Sync compatible with other devices. $109.99. This splendid-looking keyboard works perfectly and rather quietly. Gleichmäßiger Tastendruck mit starker Feder für ein schnelleres Zurückstellen des Schalters. Kann verhindern, dass Tasten aus Versehen gedrückt werden. The ROG Horus RGB keyboard features CNC-processed aluminum wings that include a special titanium-effect topcoat. Deine Tastatur, Dein Wappen. ROG Aura Core ist ein Werkzeug, das zur Anpassung der RGB-Keyboard Leuchteffekte auf Ihrem Gaming-Notebook erstellt wurde.. Ihr. Starkes taktiles Feedback mit einem hörbaren Klick. Auf der Rückseite der ROG Strix Flare ist eine praktische USB-Schnittstelle vorhanden, damit Du ganz einfach eine Gaming-Maus, ein Headset oder andere Geräte anschließen kannst. Alternativ kannst Du auch das vorinstallierte ROG-Logo behalten und Deine Identifikation mit der Republic of Gamers ausdrücken. The ROG Horus RGB keyboard features CNC-processed aluminum wings that include a special titanium-effect topcoat. They’ll handle work as well thanks to the supremely satisfying typing action. With a built-in 32-bit microprogrammed control unit (MCU) and 8MB of onboard memory, Horus RGB offers robust performance and an intuitive ROG user interface that allows you to customize macro and function keys to create complex multi-key commands that can be executed with a single keystroke. LED-BACKLIT KEYS WITH ASUS AURA RGB EFFECTS. ROG Aura Core - Einführung. ASUS ROG Strix Flare mechanical gaming keyboard has been awarded the "PC Enthusiasts Gold Award" by The buiild quality isn't the best, but what it lacks in that area, it makes up for by a ton of useful features, such as dedicated media keys, a volume control roller, a USB pass through port, being able to adjust repeat acceleration levels, RGB lighting, and Aura Sync. External Bluray Drive ; External Slim DVD Drive; Internal Blu-ray Drive; Internal DVD Drive; Storage; ROG Strix Scope. However, the little details stack up quickly to make this a proper premium quality flagship product. If you're looking for a well-built, well-rounded keyboard, the ROG Strix Flare is something to consider. Tastenhub: 1.2mm bis zum Auslösepunkt, 3.4mm Gesamtweg, Weiche und leise Tastenanschläge (patentierte Geräuschreduzierung) mit extrem schnellem Ansprechverhalten, Tastenhub: 1.9mm bis zum Auslösepunkt, 3.7mm Gesamtweg. ROG Black Ops 4 Products Include Unique Styling, Custom AURA Integration, and Come Bundled with Digital Standard Edition of the Game for PC. Simply place your device on the left or right top wing for easy viewing. 2018-10-12. The ASUS ROG Strix Flare is a flagship that serves its purpose right, The ASUS ROG Strix Flare is a premium-class keyboard as is also indicated by its price of nearly 200 euros. ADJUSTABLE ERGONOMIC PALM REST ROG Horus RGB features a 32-bit microprogrammed control unit (MCU) with 8MB of storage, allowing you to save essential macro functions, lighting controls and profile settings. Features R. 1. But in ROG STRIX FLARE keyboard these media keys are shifted to left hand side so now I can easily move my fingers away from direction keys to adjust volume without losing my in-game target. These wings perfectly complement the brushed finish of the anodized keyboard plate, giving Horus RGB a sleek and aggressive look. ProArt. 2. ASUS Aura RGB backlit keyboard with 16 million colors, Customizable macros via an intuitive ROG user interface, Durable Cherry MX Red mechanical switches. Creator. ROG Horus GK2000 RGB mechanische Gaming-Tastatur Aura RGB-Hintergrundbeleuchtung mechanische Cherry MX-Red-Taster und vielen weiteren Features Jetzt mehr erfahren! The latest from ASUS set out to impress and honestly, I think it went above and beyond. and ROG users in particular. Asus ROG Strix Scope RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Speed Silver Switches, 2X Wider Ctrl Key, Extra WASD Key Caps, Aura Sync RGB Lighting, Quick Toggle Stealth and Media Control Keys - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. ASUS ROG Aura lets you program different color and customize the lighting effects for each region on the RGB keyboard. EXCLUSIVE GAMER-CENTRIC FEATURES AND UTILITIES, Mechanical switches and 4mm key travel for tactile, responsive keystrokes, Ergonomic keycaps — ideal for gaming and typing, Increased durability with a 50-million-keystroke lifespan, ASUS Aura RGB illumination offers more than 16 million colors. Store numerous profiles on your PC and just drag-and-drop them into the built-in memory. ROG Strix Scope TKL Deluxe. Die Handballenauflage aus Soft-Touch-Material stützt Deine Handgelenke und bietet zusätzlichen Komfort. It's built like a champ to take a beating and offers a great typing experience. These wings perfectly complement the brushed finish of the anodized keyboard plate, giving Horus RGB a sleek and aggressive look. Keyboards; Mice; Mousepads; Optical Drives & Storage. MORE INFO . Feel the satisfaction of every keystroke with world-renowned Cherry MX switches. ASUS ROG Strix Flare RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Aura Sync - Cherry MX Red. Tastenhub: 2mm bis zum Auslösepunkt, 4mm Gesamtweg. Horus RGB also offers a detachable stand for your mobile devices. ROG Strix Scope Deluxe RGB wired mechanical gaming keyboard with Cherry MX switches, aluminum frame, ergonomic wrist rest, Aura Sync lighting and additional silver WASD for FPS games. ROG Strix Scope RGB wired mechanical gaming keyboard with Cherry MX switches, aluminum frame, Aura Sync lighting and additional silver WASD for FPS games. Preis ab 311,74 Euro (04.01.2021). ROG Strix Flare RGB mechanische Gaming-Tastatur mit Cherry MX-Switchen, individualisierbarem Licht-Badge und speziellen Media-Tasten zum Gamen. Often depicted as a falcon in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, Horus is the perfect name for a gaming keyboard that's designed to deliver the precision and aggression you need to ensure victory. ROG-Armoury-II ist eine verbesserte, treiberbasierte Software, die umfangreichere Steuerungsmöglichkeiten bietet und gleichzeitig weniger Systemressourcen verbraucht. Hotkeys for fan speed, lighting and overclocking controls when paired with an ASUS ROG … Gleichmäßiger Tastendruck mit weicher Feder für ein schnelles, präzises Auslösen. If you can fully imagine the Strix Flare within an ROG set-up, then it is an excellent, although not exceptional in terms of content, addition to the colorful Asus range. Strix Flare is a keyboard that oozes quality. ROG Strix Flare: standard layout, almost standard case sizes and excellent mechanical Cherry MX RGB Brown switches, which are suitable not only for games, but also for typing. zoom. Speichere bis zu 6 Profile (1 Standardprofil + 5 benutzerdefinierte) und nutze sie, wo und wann Du willst, Jeder Tastenanschlag wird präzise registriert, egal wie schnell Du spielst, Zeichne Makros in Echtzeit auf und weise sie unseren frei programmierbaren Tasten zu, Deaktiviere die Windows-Taste per Knopfdruck, damit Du ohne Unterbrechungen spielen kannst, Das stylische ROG-Design mit diagonalen Rillen gibt der Tastatur einen einzigartigen Look, Einkerbungen auf der Unterseite sorgen für ein aufgeräumteres Kabelmanagement, In Deutschland produzierte Cherry MX RGB-Switches liefern ein zufriedenstellendes, mechanisches Gefühl, gepaart mit guter Aktivierung – Die erste wahl für Pro-Gamer und Enthusiasten, Indiviualiserbares Licht-Badge – Zeige deinen Stolz mit einem persönlichen Gamer-Tag oder Team-Logo, Spezielle Media-Tasten inkl. We appreciate the included wrist rest as well as the integrated USB passthrough with full anti-ghosting for a very comfortable gaming experience. At a price of approx. Die hochwertigen Premium-Schalter werden in Deutschland hergestellt. DURABLE CHERRY MX RED MECHANICAL SWITCHES. Leichtes taktiles Feedback ohne hörbaren Klick. Einfacher Zugriff auf die Audiosteuerung, ohne dass Du aus Deinem Spiel wechseln oder die Hand von der Maus nehmen musst. ROG - Republic of Gamers ROG Gaming-Tastaturen zeichnen sich durch hochwertige Switches, innovatives Design und anpassbare Funktionen aus. ASUS ROG Strix Flare is a modern mechanical keyboard, equipped as it is expected to. The aggressive design of Horus RGB includes intricate aluminum wings and an anodized keyboard plate with a brushed finish. The Asus ROG Strix Flare is excellent. Cherry MX RGB are not new but their integration is perfect: great typing comfort for reactivity in game and RGB backlit, Asus offers a perfect experience. Zusätzlich kann die Beleuchtung der Strix Flare mit Produkten aus dem riesigen Aura-Ökosystem synchronisiert werden – um eine Gaming-Umgebung zusammenzustellen, die alles in den Schatten stellt. Von der systemeigenen Beleuchtung bis hin zu Peripheriegeräten und vielen weiteren Anwendungen bietet das SDK eine stetig wachsende Sammlung von Optionen, um Spiele und Software mit RGB-Beleuchtung zu verbessern. Fully programmable keys with on the fly macro recording. Bietet Ihnen zahlreiche Effekte in Abhängig des Zone-Modus. The ASUS ROG Strix Flare is a good gaming tool with ingenious functionality that almost lets you forget about using the software, The ASUS ROG Strix Flare has taken in the company’s best technologies developed over the recent years, making it the “perfect weapon on the battlefield”. ASUS ROG Strix Flare is a real "mechanics" of the premium class. Bietet einen weniger ausgeprägten Druckpunkt als der blaue Schalter, sorgt aber für genügend Widerstand, um die Aktivierung spürbar zu machen. Die speziellen Multimedia-Tasten und der leichtgängige Lautstärkeregler befinden sich auf der oberen rechten Seite der Tastatur, damit Du sie mit der linken Hand blitzschnell erreichen kannst. ASUS ROG Falchion Cherry MX Red Mechanical Wireless RGB Gaming Keyboard ASUS ROG Falchion Wireless Mechanical Keyboard, Cherry MX Red Switches, RGB, N-Key Rollover, Anti-Ghosting, USB/2.4GHz . Scan code: LN112021 Manufacturer code: 90MP01Y0-BKEA00 No customer review. I personally use a Corsair K70 LUX keyboard and often use the media keys during game play. Choose from 9 different illumination modes to match the game you’re playing, or customize 2 individual lighting modes. * To check whether your product supports the AURA synchronization function, please refer to the product official website and check for the “AURA SYNC” Logo. It's definitely one of the prettiest, if not the most beautiful, keyboard we have ever tested," wrote editor besides in the summary. It is really smaller than its counterparts from other brands, looks more attractive and has broad functionality, The ASUS ROG Strix Flare makes positive impressions only. It is well built and its build quality is excellent. Alle anzeigen ROG - Republic of Gamers zoom. A two-step adjustable stand allows easy keyboard angle changes. Tastatur ASUS ROG Horus GK2000 RGB Keyboard USB Black - (DEU Layout - QWERTZ). The ASUS ROG Strix Flare should be preferred if you need a high-quality mechanical keyboard with stylish demure looks and interesting technology. Bestelle dir die ROG GK2000 Horus Gaming Tastatur direkt im offiziellen ASUS Webshop! Starte das Aura-Feuerwerk mit einzeln beleuchteten Tasten und einem brillanten Underglow-Effekt auf beiden Seiten, um die Beleuchtung über die Tastatur hinaus zu erweitern. ASUS RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - ROG Strix Scope TKL | Cherry MX Red Switches | 2X Wider Ctrl Key for FPS Precision | Gaming Keyboard for PC 4.6 out of 5 stars 96. The Cherry MX RGB switches enable endless combinations of lighting to compliment any well-equipped gaming environment and visibility is not to be seen - it's one of the most impressive keyboards you will meet. Profitiere von den speziellen Multimedia-Tasten auf der oberen linken Seite, auch während Du spielst. Teclado de tamaño medio con algunas teclas multimedia, elegante y colorida retroiluminación, interruptores Cherry MX RGB, buen diseño final y pulsación precisa y resolutiva, sobre todo en juegos, e incluso efectiva en usos diarios más convencionales. Jetzt meist versandkostenfrei kaufen! There's the downside of mechanical noise and the high price, but that's probably not a feature that will interfere with the advanced gamer, the ASUS ROG Strix Flare is just an excellent keyboard. Mit einer intuitiven Benutzeroberfläche kannst Du die ROG Strix Flare ganz einfach an Dein Gameplay anpassen – Profile erstellen, Farben und Lichteffekte anpassen, Sondertasten zuweisen, Makros aufnehmen und vieles mehr. Dank der weltberühmten Cherry-MX-Schalter begeistert Dich jeder Tastendruck. Easy profile management allows you to save up to 10 profiles for different games and apps. The ASUS ROG Strix Flare gaming keyboard plays into this RGB craze in a big way, but it’s also surprisingly one of the more tasteful keyboards that ASUS has released. Wenn sie nicht benötigt wird, kann sie schnell und einfach entfernt werden. Keyboards & Mice. The ROG Strix Flare is beautiful to look at and great to use. ROG Horus RGB features ASUS Aura RGB technology, so you can illuminate your LED-backlit keys for better accuracy in low-light gaming environments and personalize your rig with more than 16 million color options. ASUS ROG Strix Flare is a very interesting keyboard, especially suitable for those who have a full Aura Sync ecosystem. Its tactile response is excellent and it is extremely ergonomic, The ASUS ROG Strix Flare is an excellent gaming keyboard that stands out among the competition not only with its specs. Buy ASUS ROG Strix Flare (Cherry MX Red) Aura Sync RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Switches, Customizable Badge, USB Pass Through and Media Controls online at low price in India on "It's a very nice and well-crafted keyboard. Two USB ports at the rear of the keyboard enable connections for external flash drives or other peripherals. DOMINATE THE BATTLEFIELD WITH MECHANICAL MASTERY, The ASUS ROG GK2000 Horus stands out among the competition with its original design, metallic case and other special features. It guarantees comfortable gameplay and great personalization possibilities. Click on the ASUS button on your keyboard to activate the Gaming Center on your laptop or you can also Search for ‘ASUS ROG CORE’ software in the Search Menu. Although there are many more good things to say about it than there are negatives, we can recommend this keyboard only to gamers who can afford its premium price. Lautstärkerad auf der linken Seite für unmittelbare In-Game-Sound-Kontrolle, ein USB-Port für ein weiteres Gerät und eine abnehmbare Soft-Touch-Handballenauflage, Einstellbare Hintergrundbeleuchtung der Tasten sowie weitere, steuerbare Lichteffekte dank Aura Sync RGB, Lege nebenher und direkt Makros für unsere voll-programmierbaren Tasten an, ändere Einstellungen mit der ROG Armoury II Software und speichere deine Profile direkt im eingebauten Tastatur-Speicher. Every key on ROG Horus RGB is customizable. It offers a lot of extra features, too, The ROG Strix Flare is a high-quality and very ergonomic keyboard with stylish design, The ASUS ROG Strix Flare is a solution for those don’t want to compromise and strive for the best, The ASUS ROG Strix Flare features stylish design with a glowing ROG logo, so this gaming keyboard looks unique, The ASUS ROG Strix Flare is an almost perfect keyboard. ROG Strix Flare RGB mechanical gaming keyboard with Cherry MX switches, customizable illuminated badge and dedicated media keys for gaming The CherryMX Red switches provide a superb base for every kind of game. The ASUS ROG Strix Flare might be expensive but damn it's pretty. The ROG Strix Flare is a well-rounded keyboard that's not only good for gaming, but also for general purpose, such as editing documents and spreadsheets. ASUS did a great job at making this keyboard look beautiful and friendly for gamers. Playing games on the ROG STRIX FLARE keyboard was a very comfortable experience. The ASUS ROG Strix Scope TKL Deluxe keyboard offers an almost perfect set of features for gaming fans. Mit Aura Sync hast Du die Kontrolle über das gesamte Farbspektrum und eine Vielzahl dynamischer Beleuchtungseffekte, um eine Tastatur zu erschaffen, die so einzigartig ist wie Dein Style. 100% anti-ghosting with N-key rollover (NKRO) technology. Onboard multimedia controls allow you to adjust or mute audio by turning a knob, or change LED effects without taking your hands off the keyboard. schwieriger auszuführen. zoom. Lineare Schaltercharakteristik ohne hörbaren Klick. Backlight with Aura Sync support is garnished to detailes. Previous Next. Share Facebook Twitter … Asus ROG Strix Scope RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Blue Switches, 2X Wider Ctrl Key, Extra WASD Key Caps, Aura Sync RGB Lighting, Quick Toggle Stealth and Media Control Keys - Kostenloser Versand ab 29€. Good workmanship together with exceptional elegance and juicy lighting, gives a very good mechanical keyboard for more demanding customers. ASUS do designing its looks as attractive premium gaming keyboard, ASUS succeeds designing its looks as attractive premium gaming keyboard. Ratenkauf ab 20€/Monat Kostenloser Versand Every time I must move my hand away from the mouse to adjust volume makes me feel disconnected from game as have to readjust the in-game pointer. Erlebe ein unvergleichliches Maß an Personalisierbarkeit mit dem individuell anpassbaren Logo, das von der Aura-Sync-RGB-Beleuchtung illuminiert wird. The ASUS ROG Strix Flare gaming keyboard is a great device for every gamer, especially for those who love lighting effects or are fans of the Republic of Gamers brand. ROG Horus RGB offers an intuitive ROG user interface that allows you to program macro and function keys to enable complex multi-key moves with just a single keystroke. "ASUS ROG STRIX FLARE COMBINES THE AURA RGB LIGHTING INTO TRIED-AND-TRUSTED CHERRY MX KEYBOARD.". Jetzt bei bestellen! Gestalte und erstelle Dein persönliches Logo mit der beigelegten Blanko-Plakette aus Acrylglas, die Du anschließend direkt in die Tastatur einsetzen und in strahlender Action erleben kannst. Note: *Effects vary by model. If you have the app installed on your laptop, it will pop open its window. *Only supports ASUS ROG laptops with per-key RGB Keyboard. ASUS ROG Strix Flare is a solid keyboard that will fit with most peoples requirements. Präsentiere Deinen Gaming-Style, während Du das digitale Schlachtfeld dominierst. Rs.9200 + taxes the ROG STRIX FLARE mechanical gaming keyboard is a nicely designed keyboard keeping gamer in mind, giving a great gaming experience. With the added benefit of having all of your information stored onboard, you can use your Horus RGB with any PC without having to re-map key functions. ROG Horus RGB features a detachable 47 x 70mm palm rest to ensure comfortable wrist support, so it’s perfect for marathon gaming sessions. zoom . Strix Flare is robust, comfortable, good looking and well featured product that is a great addition to the already high-quality Strix range and a worthy purchase for anyone seeking a new keyboard. ROG Horus RGB takes its name from a deity — Horus — who is known as the god of war and hunting. At the absolute core of it, strip away all the bonus features, this is a durable mechanical keyboard that delivers the kind of flawless performance you would expect.

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