Homestead stash Robberies are available in RDR2 right from the start of Chapter 2. Drunk dad physically and emotionally abusing the kid, saying kid was the cause of mom leaving. Channel Catfish Variation and Weight: In RDR2, the Channel Catfish has two variations and should not be confused with the Bullhead Catfish which is a small-sized fish. When I go back to rob the home the son is waiting on his bed with a knife and comes at me. Players who read the official Red Dead Redemption 2 strategy guide expected to find a channel catfish, which is listed in the book. The Red Dead Redemption 2 Chick’s treasure map solution is far from the easiest, since the hints you get are pretty vague. Money Lending and Other Sins is a Story Mission in Red Dead Redemption 2 and consists of several parts. Instead of killing him, try to threaten Nate and he will tell you that the stash with money is in the chimney. In the homestead, you have to get to the barn. Got the tip about the cash at Catfish Jackson residency. I hogtie the dirtbag, and then find the letter from mom to the kid IN THE DADS room, saying she'll send for him whenever he is ready. ... Catfish Jacksons A father and son live in this homestead … Issue. 5 – Catfish Jacksons Stash Location. Chick’s treasure map in RDR2 is one of many different treasure maps in the game. Just making sure I cant miss doing the Rhodes Bank Heist, when am I supposed to unlock it? This Walkthrough shows how to complete the fifth part, taking place in Chapter 4. Located in Saint Denis, Bayou Nwa, Lemoyne, you will find the Catfish Cigarette Card which is part of the Fauna of America Card What a sad affair. Based on its weight, you can catch common catfish with a weight between 14 and 20 lbs, or maybe a Legendary Channel Catfish which is colossal and weights 180lbs and 7 oz. The biggest fish in RDR2 is the Channel Catfish, weighing in at 180+ lbs. Assuming you are not interested in their story, and you only want to find the RDR2 stash at Catfish Jacksons, you can enter the house and deal with the father, sparing the boy. The Chez Porter Homestead is located near Window Rock, in the south part of Ambarino. Catfish jacksons home robbery Question So I completed the debt collection with the people at catfish Jackson's and later on I got a tip for robbing the place but in the debt collection I had killed both the son and dad, do either of them respawn? Catfish Jacksons; Watson's Cabin; Chez Porter. You can do this in two ways: if you're there with weapons, you'll have to kill all enemies. All you get in Chick’s map is that you have to look inside a hollow tree somewhere. spoiler. Quest Giver: Leopold Strauss Region: Shady Belle Camp Requirements: having finished The Joys of Civilization Reward: roughly $ 10 Money Lending and Other Sins V Starting Location The […] Im on 3 so far, and we just robbed Valentine Bank. I already did the Strauss mission of collecting the debt and killed the father in the process. Like what chapter? The game even has a quest related to the catfish. Already collected Catfish Jackson's debt...any way to do the home robbery?

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