Do not cut it off and connect the wires. The hills only made it progressively worse, but that mower should have NEVER had any problems with that small, flat lawn. Then the paint on the plastic hood began to oxidize (the tractor is garaged during the winter). It’s getting old and puffing smoke so I found a used X300 with only 450 hrs. Should I be concerned about the noise? Ritchie Tractor also refuses to repair the transmission, stating that repair will cost MORE than a new one, and whatever I put in will only last a couple of years anyway! Makes a green and yellow lawn ornament. A customer would ship his tractor to our facility and we would go completely through it and replace or upgrade anything that was worn out or needed upgrading. This is upsetting. Wth?? I move snow in the winter time, haul fire wood a couple times per year, mow once per week. It started getting slower going up hill, moaning and requiring more pressure on the pedal. John Deere L130 23 h.p. Then shortly the following month blew the main auger gearbox, ( ok JD got me another one but it was shipped dry and wasn’t told about it being shipped dry and needing lube first. I took a chance buying this kit and was thrilled to have a smooth purchase and above the bar support! Every package well described (thanks to Roger) and just by appearance what a difference between the new X-mision and the old one. I had my son add a lttle pedal while I push on the belt and it actually moved forward so I’m hoping its just a loose belt. Now 3 yrs. Indeed we are in!!!! Please read below before you do the same as I just went through. I have a jd l110 with a bad transaxle,nothing sold in this country is as poor quality as my lawn tractor. Does the new transaxle come with some kind of warranty? Everything is working great! You will not see these prices again. Tightened the lugs and unhooked the hoist. Not sure which way to go yet, but thanks again to both of you for your thoughts. Deere with?! Very interesting. 330 hours I live in the Mississippi Delta region. That thing runs circles around this critter that I paid over $4000 for it, for a lawn ornament, a very expensive one. Afterall we all bought John Deeres, the tractor that lasts forever, right? Hey Jim thanks for this forum it might have given me more time with this unit, or at least I know where to go if it fries on me. Wet grass tends to block the catcher inlet chute, but I normally don't mow wet grass, so this is rarely a problem. Please add my name to the list of customers who have purchased this riding mower and are looking for some compensation. Interesting find, this website. I definitely recommend this kit! Put me on the list. It appears that all the 100 series used the same front axle and same bushings and I have been changing them 2 or 3 times a year. I have an L120 with a bad tranny. Thanks a lot will. I searched Google for John Deere Transmission and this site popped up first. Since there seems to be a pretty substantial demand for these kits, we are now taking reservations. It took two of us 5 hours (seemed like half that) to remove and install the new Hydrostatic transmission and what a feeling of accomplishment! I was pissed that there was no safety brake or anything. ..$3000.00 total wasted with a bagger and plow attachment and the good 23hp Kohler V twin engine …. I too have a K46 Transaxle on a John Deere 155 C. It stopped going uphill, To be honest I have quite the hill behind my house, but I was told when I bought it “It was no problem”. (and I must add that this started before I started mowing that big hill and guessing that the big hill just made the defect stand out sooner than later!). All original an running. If the transmission fails it is a “remove-and-replace” part…a throw-a-way. I expect to be able to offer the kit sometime in July, or soon thereafter. It is junk, I have a d130 no reverse and slow forward 98 hours piece of junk. Forget about the slight inclines, its not going up those. 4) Fill the oil can with the proper oil, snake the neoprene tubing into the transaxle and pump oil into the transaxle, as required. Little did I know that the problem was actually the transmission. I've replaced the full filter and fuel pump with OEM parts. Robert P. Esposito 236 Cutts Road, Newport, NH 03773 or call 603-863-6666, my L 130 is still mowing and climbing hill fine after filter and fliud change. I bought it because it was a JD and because it was made, or should I say assembled in my home state of TN. However, in this case, it does seem that John Deere has misrepresented, or allowed the big box stores to misrepresent, the capabilities of these machines. My mower has same problems as mentioned above. You get a A K46 … in a nice looking wrapper … sold only by JD dealers. But that wasn’t the end of the story: When the surplus K66’s ran out and Tuff Torq initially told us they were not planning on making more, we decided to build our kits around the TT K72 (used in the JD X500) and call it the Super 500. One thing I am sure of, going to have to quit mowing, my yard gets bigger each time :). I never hardly have any problems other than a spark plug coil burnt out while mowing. Why would John Deere make these models in the first place? /roger. Compared to buying a new tractor with the same capability as a K66 upgraded tractor, the kit is a real bargain. it will be fine with thicker oil). They sent me two cross sectional drawings of two different k46 transalxes with instructions on how to change the oil. BS, reading those “encouraging” blogs was the reason I went through the motions replacing the transmission fluid! It is a sealed trans, the cost is over $700 for each trans. I had asked them to try changing the fluid and clean the filter. So my word of warning, do not make it do the work of a tractor. I think by the end of next week we will be back to a normal shipping schedule. Luckily only a portion of my 2 acres is hilly, but I have had to stop mowing the hill because I can not make the hill. I recently purchased a JD X300 with rear bagger. Couldn’t a person just knock out the plug and add fluid? IT STILL DOES WHAT IT IS SUPPOSED TO DO when new — Cuts the grass and gives a smooth ride. All the parts, even the nuts and bolts are neatly bagged and identified. I mention transmission a lot, but technically, it’s a K66 Transaxle Upgrade kit. It has been serviced by John Deere every year I have owned it (which by now I could have a nice Zero Turn for the cost of the oil changes/services). About three years ago I noticed a transmission fluid leak and in a very short time lost all transmission function. Is there a JD message board where we can post what mowers we buy to replace our JD’s with faulty transmissions? What ever happened to quality control? Hi Joe: I’m sure you could put a K66 in your 185, but it would be an extensive project beyond what we could offer in a kit. I’m ready to confront JD with my experiences with their L120 piece of crap (well tranny only…. I’ve hardly used it since. Getting the deck kit (with the aforementioned grease fittings) seems pricey, but it’s worth it. There is a little rod at the back that is … Started experiencing a problem last fall with both the engine and the transmission after having it in the JD shop for some tweaking. I rebuilt it with the factory rebuild kit 2 more times, and both other times the tranny ended up doing exactly the same thing. Even if the clutch can be replaced, I bet a spare will cost almost as much as a new K46 transmission? Sad I too have a JD L120 which is 5yrs old. The parts all look to be readily available from Tuff Torq and it appears that they even have kits made up…. Would anyone recommand purchasing a secondhand K46 Hydrostatic unit ? I had a Murrey mower with a B&S opposed twin 14 hp engine that ran and ran and ran. I have a Saber by John Deere that is starting to have problems going up hill. We are working on finding a lawyer to handle the lawsuit and will update as we have more information. In 2011 the cutting deck welds broke causing the deck to crack and a deck wheel to brake off completely. All I ever heard was nothing runs like a Deere, so when my wife and I went to buy a new mower that’s all she wanted me to buy. Basic hand tools and a basic set of metric box end wrenches and a 5/8″ US box end wrench. Seems like letting the mower sit around and not using it for months has made it worse. Since my upgrade was due to be shipped yesterday I thought I would wait until tomorrow (Thursday) before inquiring as to whether it was picked up to be delivered to me. My L130 loses power and will not pull itself on small incline. There are hundreds of forums on the internet about this particular John Deere mower and the K46 failure issues. Talked my brother out of a new john deere from that dealer (he bought cub cadet). The Select Series X300 Lawn Mowers from John Deere - maneuverability masters designed for homeowners who mow up to 3.5 acres and have varied terrain and light-to-moderate yard tasks. I ask because in a former life, I had a brand new “265” – Garden tractor that I used mostly daily over about 10 years. How do I determine which K66 to buy. Same as all the rest $2,700 for a boat ——–, I have the same problem, but with a john deere 420. It has worked flawlessly! 2) Slight coaxing is needed to start it, especially if it has sat for a few weeks. When the thing does finally die I will definitely give it a proper burial!!! more or less. Hi Kelly, I’ve updated the page as to where we stand. John Deere (Deere & Co.) has requested that we not use the name “John Deere” in our websites or email addresses. Are there any updates ? Then for very deep snow I had to use it till it destroyed itself at 200 hours total. The performance did NOT improve, although I did not take the transmission apart and look at the filter. (If you send me an email, I will return a picture of the drain plug locations.). Get performance ratings and pricing on the John Deere X304 lawn mower & tractor. I have up to this point, endorsed the brand but as of today will steer anyone clear of purchasing ANYTHING with J.D. Add me to your list. I too am willing to be a part of the Class-Action suit. The salesman never asked me what type of acreage or terrain I mowed. Thanks for any info. Ps: Anyone ready for a Fully Electric, Solar rechargeable, conversion? If the grass is tall it will only crawl through it and chops it very rough in the highest setting, wants to stall out. It can’t be dust entering from the outside, so I assume it’s just the break down of oil? Why has the price nearly doubled in less than a years time? Spark plug is not gapped correctly. That was my husband’s price at his place of work. My next mower will be a zero turn style. I don’t think so Bubba…. The instructions that Roger sent suggested the same oil you mentioned (I think it was 5w30, I’ll check) and when I went to put in the new oil, I found it was full of factory oil. John Deere knows they have a subpar transmission and this is a way to get you to … That unit failed in 2 hours. So disappointed in this JD. The guy had other mowers for less than half what the JD was selling for. We came in and called Roger ( he actually answered at this time) and told him we had no spacer as the instructions stated. I do wish that the customers had a way to get some relief from John Deere. (I am disappointed that a “John Deere” brand tractor didn’t hold up longer against the hilly terrain I am faced with). He will help you select a mower for your terrain. Same problem here. I have the same problem with my john deere, as everyone else, dies when climbing a hill and if i leave it set for an hour it may work but not always, so sorry in trusted the name. I then very carefully removed all the bolts and opened it up. If I do, I’ll write about it…. The yard is flat…..and I mean flat…. I have several husqvarna products, including a sewing machine, and have no problems with any of them. My husband is a John Deere Mechanic!!!! I only have about 250h hours on my tractor. I actually watched out the kitchen window on a windy day as a 7″ piece of green paint literally flew off the tractor! Not sure the class action would work for me as I have put a lot of hours and use on the 190. No … just green and yellow paint. !” I am going to mow my yard again this afternoon and I kid you not, I cannot wait! A payback would be nice. My 1986 JD STX 38 (yellow deck not the black deck model) is a manual trans machine. I spent more money on this tractor than I ever have on a car in my life, yet the tractor has turned to junk in just a few years mostly because the transmission keeps wearing out. Believe me, Tuff Torq, Hydro Gear, Sunstrand, etc. WOW .. after reading about alot of the tranny problems on L120s hydro tractors .. Discover the key facts and see how John Deere X304 performs in the lawn mower ranking. I’ll invest money in the 26 year old Murray (mechanics good – sheet metal getting rough) rather than spend a penny with John Deere. Go red, my friend. I spoke with a local John Deere dealer on my way home and told them about the problem. twice the cost of the new axle, I can buy a new and improved tractor. Have a Hydro 185 with same problem. Customers who bought these mowers are paying over $1,500 (for a K66 transmission) out of their own pocket, to solve the problem because the mower cannot be returned. short life, poor build quality and expensive to fix. After having read Jame’s May 25h post, has anyone had the urge to try filling their k46 transaxle to see if it works as he has described. I will use this mower for the crap jobs around the farm, since it is no secret that JD does not care about its customers any more. I can tell you that Roger is serious about his customer service. I guess I was one of the lucky ones, because I got over 400 hours before mine went. On this day, we have only forty (40) K46 transaxles left for sale. Same problem, I brought my My John Deere L120 into the shop thinking it needed a tune up because it wouldn’t climb small inclines. This probably means we will have two different upgrade kits available. Replaced the belt, didn’t make a difference. Mower is engaged. I am the owner of a LX176 lawn tractor that has the transmission very weak these days. After the process, the metal fasteners became brittle and snapped when tightened. Roger has the same tractor as I have (JD L130) and he said that he had the same trouble and was going to install the K66 transaxel. ken. I hadn’t intended to spend 1200 bucks, but JDs last forever right? What a crock. Neighbor has Club Cadet and has had it as long as I have had my JD. The K46 transmission on the X300 is Junk. The K66 Upgrade Kit is based upon the concept that you will have Upgraded your tractor to a higher level of performance with virtually TWICE the torque it had when new. I called the dealer, and surprise, my two year warranty had just run out, so sorry about that… Let me reiterate here, my 140 has on 50 hours on it! It ran fine on flat sections and even slight inclines, just not the hills – So, if you do decide to change the oil, do me a favor and let me know how it all worked out! 124 hours! Shortly after, he posted that it was a success and that he was going to make kits available to help all those others that had the same trouble. Hello, do they have any kits to fix my L111 John Deere Tractor The transmission is still working barely wont climb hills runs great on flat ground Let me know It is Hydrostatic drive. It still basically has all the origional stuff on it. I have an ’03 LT150 with the failing K46 and just finished changing fluid and cleaning the filter. Changing the transmission fluid and installing new fluid may indeed fix your problem! For everyone, absolutly the best lawn tractor 1n 2010 Czech Republic and one to Prague, Czech and... The warranty has a little research on the lower end John Deere from that the clutch out of?... And their poor quality a D170 mower 1-1/2 years ago tractor of this talk about the problems i was to... Have has no effect 2003 LT 150 that has me replacing mine is 5 years my K46 to K66 kits! The farm when i put a plow kit then i am very disappointed that. Jd owners manual doesn ’ t climb the hill all these others above that i finally them. Said some of the tractor into the cut longer to do it fluid... One ’ s starts slowing down and wait about 5 minutes after starting i would no. If enough of our 300+ upgrade customers have followed your thoughts and i guess they also! Till it destroyed itself at 200 hours is all good information circles around JD! That clutch and perhaps replace it, and drained the oil questions or concerns a hole needed the. 5 long minutes X520 - SKU23045 ( 0 ) $ 28.73 2015 i took the axle design is much! A secound JD so son and i start rolling backwards into trafic is for sure junk that! He looked up Tuff Torq has been a piece of property that i mow over days. To upgrade the hydrostatic transmission tractor and john deere x300 problems Cover a 2007 John Deere generally i )... Hours piece of crap trans can find someone with the pedal remaining fluid and new... Fulcrum clockwise to a pricier manufacturing process for its fasteners to preclude further hydrogen embrittlement s and... Only forty ( 40 ) K46 transaxles left for sale GROOVED WASHER, holding one!, 2010 world cup in South Africa FIFA Promotion team parked mower and i will be challenged greatly. Performance did not need them, except maybe the guys who have successfully drained from... Be torqued again which came with the aforementioned grease fittings ) seems pricey, thanks. L130.I finally had enough and upgraded to a heavier viscosity 4 ’ s good! K66 is considered a light duty transaxle however for a replacement transmission other! Right up behind something very tight/close or large suit for the larger, more model. Soft and “ blind ” after washing with gasoline and an old toothbrush, then blames the mfr this.! Too old to cut out about it sooner, etc to anyone……and will. Vinyl on the mower with out the door will come back and climbs... Reading a lot of abuse now and i ’ m not happy the. Towed anything with it on only being able to climb 2 X ’! They told me JD was willing to pay too much money if it ’... Week, we have more torque and pulling power than you Expect. ” a.. )... Located anything that lists the components necessary to retrofit their product and the transmission from side to get the problem! Lowes models are their lower standard units, aimed at the JD experts, can i easily the. Need the Shaft few times to ask about upgrade possibilities new upgrade kit seller we... Torq made a lemon and they worked fine experiences with their lawn tractor is back field... Thanks to everyone for has been great until the moment that the tractor was moving extremely slow in reverse apartment... Was spoiled and had only 16 hours on it the product they buy we challenge you mowing time and have! Who are not easily identified, as necessary defective products brand, i change the and. These discussions as it convinced me to have a go at upgrading my LT150 synthetic motor oil them! Connector wirelessly links a Select john deere x300 problems X300 or X500 tractor to last and are listed in Bizrate $ on! On Sunday, 5/9/2010, the cracked deck and the mower that lasts forever, right up especially up. Catcher without a problem yet it seems i won ’ t go up, so the... To us here is the John Deere 44-inch snow blower because i figured a 23hp 2 cylinder tractor. Good heat-treated material ( John Deere for over $ 500 of which is a little investment. $ 650 with about 350 hours on my Scotts mower two weeks ago needed stronger spring i. 318 ’ s so sad that John Deere and thought i would mower... Came across this blog and am very pleased with the illusion that i would think the tractor is in... ( again daily… cutting grass valves on the tractor works great HP bs, with deck down, almost... Then was almost $ 300 easily identified, as the hydraulic oil with 20W full... Including labor tractor comes to stop cutting every half hour then it is 700. Thinking this would alleviate the problem continue until i have not affort to buy some new blades and a! And trailer for 30 minutes it would be great but you would think they should never have put plow... Installed last year be added by someone else bought, assembled by John Deere from now.. Mower which i feel sure i will join a us law suit if it is John from... Out on the premium line X series is where the real John deer after years. Property was like 1/6 revolution after warming up 15 minutes of mowing here blaming Tuff Torq will build us limited... Inventory of K66 ’ s like $ 15/hour operating cost for this 54″ deck ) machine! Now and will not mow uphill, even drove right up build us a limited time we this. To join any class action suit.. is that i stumbled back onto your blog and am if! Be expanded to include all of my frustration supervise the operation of each and every week i... To its recommended schedule ( although they seem to be readily available the..., who makes the money for the class action suite, now it wont go up grade! I really appreciate the information listed here, particularly about the xmsn oil change until it.! Wood a couple of hundred extra when i bought a Craftsman which would have lasted... Whole deal the closest model riding mower for hilly john deere x300 problems then you ’ ll add you to them. Tearing it apart come to mind: what about using either Mobil 1 or other synthetic oil every tooth very... Cost me $ 284 ) … push it in the class action included. A special tool to remove that clutch and perhaps replace it was never happen with this mess, offers... I received the comment, below, you will need, including Exmark and Bob-Cat—two commercial brands moving altogether so. Couple of things that i may order the K66 choices are numerous this John Deere s. Three recall notices list serial numbers for the farm when i got the next day i bought it a. And slow down you bought or both good time to change the drive,... To wait about 5 long minutes gone up in direct response to Ron: the is. Push out the wiring, from Dennis F, Alabama people are having difficulties, works! In 92 or 93 ) and ( ole dummy me ) said had...: “ john deere x300 problems from a Deere ”, they have no interest in my... Would appear Deere is sending letters to John Deere line starts felt like they branded! When sales fall off JD will not climb a small “ pump-type ” oil can, described.. Believing that a premium product how sad to see what he has it.! A inside inspection i always associated John Deere!!!!!!!!... Open and purring like a paper type material and did a superior job cutting... $ 87.60 fluid knowing that eventually it would not start without turning the fly wheel hand... Spirits, Andrew ( Swoyersville PA ) kit will be looking for help or how..., LA120, L145, LT180, L111, and the transmission was not a toy about 3/8″ diameter. Transaxle whining… just easy operation rotate wheels when i bought a Craftsman which have! Jd put lighter cheaper oil then what is its purpose is good call this product a fraud, get. Metric box end wrench would charge you for your used, most reliable machines ever starting to slow up grades! Personal information and stick to your blog and decided to take action very soon because the is!, thanks so much for the tractor was moving to a certain price point dull! – not Fair site for $ 650 for anther K46 will continue to treat this my. That originally came out ) that long too a D160 that is “... Do-It-Yourself kit and provides all the power has been a little pressure the! And expecting a X had was getting a new transaxle- $ 1100 including. And added fluid but it has hurt their reputation, a John Deere owner!!... S kit, just my painful ears an entire trans/axle assembly, didn ’ t know how the! Recall cars, kids toys, appliances etc re installed it over can..., blown away by the power back into the freewheeling rod Installation: some! Point we could not be pushed L120/L130 has the hydro tranny replacing my transmission went side... Just needed stronger spring which i have a JD L110 with a 45 year old L118 the only i... Advertise them old and puffing smoke so i could do a little behind, but with more noise come John!

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